How to Choose Glasses for Diamond Face Shape?

One of the most desirable face shape. Diamond face shape is symmetrical and incredibly elegant. The goal while selecting frames should be to create balance and draw more attention to the eyes’ area.

Diamond Face Shape


Fuller cheeks, narrow forehead, same width as jawline and chin are characteristics of diamond face shape.

Diamond face comprises of angular as well as curvy features which makes it distinctive and dramatic. It easier to choose glasses. Angular and edgy frames are simply best as it makes your face appealing.

Frames with bold and strong top portion are attention-grabbing and look flattering on diamond shaped face.

Suitable frames for Diamond face shape

Cat-eye frames

It's bold, daring and classy. The wide and flattering top portion of cat-eye frames creates a perfect balance. It’s a safe choice as the prolonged temples completely blend with the diamond face shape. The frames extend beyond eyebrows that draw attention towards the eyes and softens the cheekbones. The classic, embellished cat-eye frames have a more feminine feel.

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Cat-eye frames

Oval frames

The strong angular features of the diamond face shape can be softened with thin or bold oval frames. Since the frame shape is contrasting to the face shape, it brings a good balance to the facial structure.

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Oval frame

Clubmaster frames

Clubmaster is an eyewear style that never goes out of style. The classic, compelling bold appearance of clubmaster frames balances out the diamond face shape. The thick browline and wide temples create a masculine feel and enhance your style.

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Clubmaster frames


  • Avoid going for narrow frames as it will not match the narrow eyeliner. Also, try to avoid for glasses that are either too big or too small.

Color to choose

Clear frames, floral or frames with dark upper portions like black, brown, tortoise, kind of look flattering on diamond face shape.

Frame type

Semi-rimless style of frame is a great choice for diamond shaped face. Metal browlines also look bold and classy. Top-heavy style frames are what will soften your cheekbones.

Grace the rarest face shape with any of the frame styles mentioned and get heads turned.

Choose your frame

Not only for diamond, but we also have eyeglasses suggestion for oval, triangle, round, square and heart shape face too. Check out our complete face shape guide for each face type.

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