How to Choose Glasses for Round Face Shape?

Bowl over with your rounded features! Choose the most flattering eyeglass and accentuate your appearance. Geometric shape eyewear will blend well with the youthful round face shape.

Round face Shape


Fuller cheeks, wide forehead, rounded chin defines a round face.

As compared to other face shapes, round is easily noticeable as this type of face is circular with equal length and width and has no angles. Add some sharpness to this face shape by opting for angular frames.

Suitable frames for round face shape

Rectangular frames

Sharpen your soft facial features and make the face look elongated with the rectangular frame. The round face which appears small and chubby due to equal length and breadth will look long and thinner with angular eye-frames.

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Rectangular frame

Cat-eye frames

The uniquely angled frames, cat-eye is chic and a perfect fit for circular shaped face. The upward curved frame edge is an instant attention-grabber. It makes your face look thinner, long and also accentuate the natural lines of your face.

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Cat-eye frame

Wayfarer frames

Angular lines of wayfarer frame add balance to the soft full rounded face. This voguish style of frame is perfect for elongating the round face shape. Wayfarer avoids to exaggerate the roundness. The nifty temples not only complement your face but also make you look stylish.

Wayfarer frame

Square frames

One geometrical shape with equal length and width suits another geometrical shape with equal length and width. Square frames with sharp corners looks the best on round face with no corners. Square is geeky as well as classy, so it's the best bet to consider.

Square frame

Upswept frames

If you want to draw attention to your curvy cheeks then upswept frames will certainly accomplish your rounded face. This quirky frame shape is ideal to lengthen your face and highlight your eyes. Upswept frame shape adds curve to your face and uplift your personality.

Upswept frame


  • Smaller or short frames as it will make your face appear fuller
  • Round shaped frame. This will make your face appear much rounder
  • Thick frames as it will make your face look smaller

Color to choose

Dark colors like black, brown, tortoise shell complements round face. Frames with prints, adornments and bright colors also add contrast

Frame type

Go for thin, clear or contrasting bridge color as it will create a delusion of wider eyes. Adjustable nose pads make the eyeglass comfortable as it avoids the frame from resting on your fuller cheeks. Full rim and semi-rimless frames are good options.

So, all the chubby cheeks look rocking by opting for angular frames. Getting the right frame for right face type will definitely create a balanced effect and grace your complete look.

Choose your frame

Not only round, we have eyeglasses suggestion for oval, triangle, square and heart shape face too. Check out our complete face shape guide for each face type.

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