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Common sources of blue light

Common sources of blue light for kids

Let's not talk about the primary source of blue light, the sun. It is not the natural source, but the artificial sources of blue light that is risking your child's vision.

More than adults, children seem to be mesmerised by technology. We can assuredly assume the statistics of digital device usage among children have risen. Whether for entertainment or learning purpose, children are more prone to artificial blue light than ever before.

All this blue light comes from

Negative effects of blue light on children's health

No parent reads a storybook, toddlers are more amused by glowing electronic screens than toy cars. Even preschool and elementary-aged children use apps for learning. In short, your kid is never too young to get acquainted with digital devices.

Kids enjoy playing and learning on any electronic gadget. However, excess of everything is bad.

Negative effects of blue light on Kids' health

Constant artificial blue light exposure can lead to:

Blue light blocking computer glasses

Say bye to digital blue light

Blue light is a universal concern of parents. The increasing evidence of visible eye strain among kids has elevated the concern. Frequent screen breaks or limiting screen time is not enough. Blue light blocking computer glasses are needed for that extra bit of protection.

If your child wears prescription glasses, get blue block lens coating added to it or else buy non-prescription computer glasses. Every kid's eye can be protected from unhealthy blue light rays.

Curated kids' glasses with elevated style, comfort and protection

Subtle to attention-grabbing, there is no shortage of kid's glasses at Framesbuy. Every frame crafted strikes a perfect balance of style and comfort. They are lighter in weight and more durable. The vibrant colours, quirky prints, assorted shapes and superior fit (some glasses also come with adjustable straps), all glasses are 100% kid-friendly.

Little ones are super active and love playing outdoors. Keep their vision and glasses safe by incorporating additional lens coating like anti-scratch, anti-reflective coating, UV protective lens coating.

Your kids deserve the best. So shop for kids' glasses online at Framesbuy and gift them the best vision protection possible.

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