Anti-glare Glasses

Eliminate distracting, discomforting and blinding glares

Anti-glare Glasses

It's significant for
Driving at night
Prolonged computer use
Enhancing cosmetic appearance

Anti glare glasses for night driving and computer
anti-reflective / anti-glare glasses

Not years but sometimes it just takes few hours for the glare to damage your vision

Sun can be a real pain to your eyes, especially its glare. The reflected glare of the sun over the water, snow, sand is more dangerous than direct sunlight. Not just sunlight, even city lights and glare emitted from digital devices is equally dangerous. It can affect your vision performance, cause headache, eye strain, eye fatigue, sore eyes, blurry vision and other such vision problems.

Look good and see clearly in any kind of light Natural sunlight or artificial light, day or night, cut down glare with anti-reflective / anti-glare glasses.

Reflections are good for landscapes but not for vision

The intensity of reflected light is greater than the capacity of your eyes to adapt the light and that is why glare causes aggravating eye strain. Get glasses with anti-reflective coating to knock out such eye strain.

Benefits of anti-reflective coating

Benefits of anti-reflective coating (ARC)

  • Reduces digital eye strain
  • Get rid of irregular light reflections
  • Decreases reflection while driving
  • Enhances appearance by eliminating reflection on lenses
  • Improves clarity and sharpness of vision
  • Protect eyes from harmful UV rays

Anti-glare coating allows 99.5% light to pass through the glasses which results in flawless vision

Bonus benefits!

Along with anti-reflective coating, the superior-quality lens packages at Framebuy offers additional benefits like:

Scratch-resistance icon

Eliminates minor scratches and increases durability

UV protection icon
UV protection

Protect eyes from harmful UV rays

Hydrophobic icon

Keeps the glasses water and moist free

Anti-dust icon

Prevents dust and dirt from settling on the lenses

Blue block icon
Blue block

Blocks the harmful blue light emitted from digital devices

Oleophobic icon

Make glasses fingerprint resistant and less reflective


Shop glasses but don't blink at the great lens package choices to safeguard your eyes from glare, reflections and other obstacles hampering your vision performance.

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