5 Mistakes to Avoid Before Buying Glasses from Eyecare Professionals

Mistakes to Avoid Before Buying Glasses

Even if you have the eagle eye, there will come a time when your eyes may need glasses to see clearly. No matter how sharp your vision is after the age of 40, your eyes suffer from a vision condition presbyopia where you are unable to focus on up-close things. Reading glasses works as a solution. If you don’t have any experience of buying glasses then it could be an uphill struggle. For first-time eyeglass buyers, it becomes very crucial to buy eyeglasses for trusted opticians and also to consult the eye care professionals.

Whenever you buy glasses for any vision condition or vision correction, here are 5 things you need to avoid, remember, AVOID!

Not getting eyes checked/examined

Well, ready-made reading glasses are readily available, you may think there is no need for an eye exam. But you are wrong. A regular eye check-up is actually mandatory, especially after a certain age. There are some health conditions like diabetes that can affect your vision. Hence it is better to get your eyes examined.

Also, eye checkup helps you to know about certain vision conditions like glaucoma, retinal disease, cataract etc. So don’t put your vision at risk and get your eyes tested.

Wrong prescription/power

You cannot play with your vision. If you choose any power just on assumption or trial and error basis then you are certainly playing with your vision. Choosing the wrong prescription can hamper your vision more. Apart from that, it can also cause eyestrain, headache, dizziness, dry eyes, blurred vision etc. Hence, always keep your prescription ready before buying glasses online or at an optical store.

Not checking each eye

Getting one eye examined and thinking that other eye conditions will also be the same is a completely wrong belief. Your eyes work like a set but do not work similarly. Your each may require different prescriptions thus you need to get you both eyes checked and get a prescription for each eye.

However, you don’t have to worry much, even if you forget testing both the eyes, your eye care professionals won’t. They do check and recommend glasses as per your vision need.

Opting for low-quality glasses

Though cheap quality glasses are easy on pockets but can be big trouble. The low quality of the frames if worn for long hours or on a daily basis can cause pain behind the ears and on the nose. It can also lead to head pain. Even the cheap plastic can attract bacteria and cause infections.

Many online eyewear stores offer high-quality and even branded glasses at a discounted price. You can opt for such pocket-friendly glasses and protect your eyes.

Lack of UV protection

Now you must be thinking why UV protection is needed in eyeglasses? If you spend too much time outdoors in the sun, you are risking your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun. These harmful rays can also accelerate your skin ageing. That is why many optical brands have developed glasses with UV protective coating. So it is wise to opt for eyeglasses with UV protection.

Make sure you don’t make these mistakes and right choose your prescription glasses or reading glasses.

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