How to Clean your Eyeglasses

how to clean your eyeglasses

You invest a lot of time and money in buying prescription glasses. Don’t you?

It’s a great feeling when you find the right pair as you can enjoy flawless vision. But for how long? After certain time, the crystal-clear lenses turn blur due to regular use. You need to take care of your investment in right way so that you always enjoy the unhindered vision.

Cleaning glasses is the best way to protect your glasses in long run. It can make a big difference. Just a wipe with a clean cloth on regular basis will protect your glasses. However a periodic proper cleaning will protect the glasses from damage.

Here is the step-by-step guide that will help you to keep your glasses clean and clear:

wash your hands clean

STEP 1 – Wash your hands clean:

Even your hands contain dirt, you need to clean your hands first before cleaning the glasses.

Use some non-sticky hand wash or dishwash to clean your hands. After washing your hands clean, dry it with clean towel.

rinse your glasses under running water

STEP 2 – Rinse your glasses:

To remove the dust or other debris settled on the lenses, rinse the glass lenses under running water.

Gentle lukewarm water will help to remove the dust and dirt on the lenses. Make sure the water is not hot as it will damage the lenses.

use dish wash soap to clean lenses

STEP 3 – Use dish-washing soap:

To clean your lenses more thoroughly, apply or put a small drop of dishwashing liquid soap on both the lens.

Make sure the soap you use is less concentrated, just a drop or two is enough.  Use lotion-free liquid soap for cleaning the lenses.

rub the soap gently on lenses

STEP 4 – Rub the soap gently on lenses:

After applying the soap, rub it gently on the lenseswith your fingertips. Also ensure you clean each and every part of the eyeglass.

Dust and debris gets settled in any corner or small areas of the glasses, so wash and clean the glasses completely and thoroughly.

Particularly nose pads and temple ends can accumulate greasy substance, clean those parts for hygiene purpose.

now rinse the lenses again

STEP 5 – Now rinse the lenses again:

After gently rubbing the soap, rinse the lenses properly under running water.

If the soap is not removed properly, the lenses will be smear and affect the vision. So wash it properly and remove all the traces of soap.

shake the glasses

STEP 6 – Shake the glasses:

Shake your glasses gently to remove the extra water on the frame (rest will be removed with clean cloth).

By shaking the glasses you can eliminate the excess water.

dry glasses with clean cloth

STEP 7 – Dry glasses with clean cloth:

Use a clean soft fabric cloth/towel to clean the glass lenses.

The cloth should be really very clean or else the glasses are likely to catch dust instantly as it’s wet.

Dry the glasses completely and gently. You can use microfiber cloth for cleaning.

Your glasses are now crystal-clear.

Alternative way – Cleaning with lens cleaning spray:

Another best way to make your glasses flawless as new is by using eyeglass cleaner and microfiber cloth. Just spray the cleaner on the lens and gently rub it with microfiber cloth. Cleaning agent does not damage the lens.

Glasses don’t last forever but if you want it to last long, cleaning is the best solution.

Can you wash eyeglass cleaning cloths?

Yes, it can be washed. You can wash the lens cleaning cloth in water, either with hands or putting it in a washing machine. You can use any mild soap or bleach-free detergent. Avoid laundry additives. You can air-dry the cloth when finished washing.

How to clean cloudy eyeglasses?

You can clean your cloudy glasses with warm water, along with liquid soap or mild cleaning solution. Use your fingers to slowly spread the soap over the glasses. Rinse under running warm water. Inspect for any residue left. Dry the glasses with a very soft cloth.

How do peeps eyeglass cleaners work?

It does a pretty good job. Peeps eyeglass cleaner uses carbon as a cleaning agent that helps to clean your glasses safely and effortlessly. You can clean your prescription glasses, reading glasses and even sunglasses with Peeps cleaner.

How to disinfect your eyeglasses?

Your glasses can potentially transfer viruses. Hence, it is better to disinfect it. However, avoid using alcohol for disinfecting glasses, it is not a wise option. You can simply use dish soap and lukewarm water. It will remove all the possible particles settled on the glasses. Make sure to wash the complete frames, not just lenses.

Can you use hand sanitizer to clean eyeglasses?

Using hand sanitizer to clean glasses is actually a good idea. It is a quick and easy way of taking care of your glasses. You can apply sanitizer and wipe the lenses with either paper napkin or soft cloth.

Which is the best cloth for cleaning eyeglasses?

Microfiber cleaning cloths are considered to be best for cleaning eyeglasses. The cloth is soft and can be used to dry the lenses without causing any scratches. Though cleaning this cloth is also important.

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