Hipster Glasses – Bold Trend with Unconventional Feel

Hipster Glasses - Bold Trend with Unconventional Feel

The hippy trend is all about blending the vintage style with your own creativity. In hipster culture, fashion is more prominently noticed, whether it is clothing or accessorising, everything spells uniqueness and ‘I don’t care a damn’ attitude. Hipsters don’t really follow the safe side of fashion, they just go the other way round and that’s what makes them one-of-a-kind.

This creative gang with a carefree attitude mostly express their personality with the way they dress. Accessories like earrings, bracelets, scarfs are basics. And what also plays a big part in hipster looks is a pair of eyeglasses. Yes, the peculiar kind of glasses actually completes the hipster look.

So do you want to style yourself in such an unconventional way? Okay, even if you don’t wish to go overboard, you can just embrace the glasses and add a dash of ‘hippyness’ to your style. The hipster eyeglasses are powerful enough to transform your look.

Leave the comfort zone and make yourself stand out of the crowd. Here’s a guide to help you pick hipster glasses.

The revamped vintage style

Hipster style has hit the urban trend so the glasses have popped out in a fresh and much creative way. Even the oversized or thick frame glasses are now made up of high quality and lightweight materials. The style remains the same but the quality and comfort are amplified.

Let’s explore the glasses that reflect the hipster look:

Cat-eye glasses

The feline style eyewear instantly comes into notice. Whether you are going to visit an art gallery or just to attend a company meeting, it will perfectly blend with your outfit. Marilyn Monroe has to be given the credit to make this eyewear style so popular. The frames that flare out near the temples can change up your style in no time.

It has an old school vibe and gives your appearance a fierce new perspective. This frame style looks amazing in both sun and optical.

Clubmaster style

The hippy vibe with a thicker browline is best for the culture intellectuals. It’s vintage, timeless and of course attention-grabbing. This classic eyeglasses style is more popular among the men but even the ladies can pull off this style quite well. Clubmaster was the third best selling style of eyeglasses in the 80s and is now again, it is the most admired revamped hipster style glasses.

The stereotype black or the retro tortoiseshell tone in clubmaster glasses, both can express your flair and reflect your unique personality.

The oversized thick-rimmed glasses

When it comes to hipster style, it has to be over the top and nothing can be more noticeable than oversized thick-rimmed glasses. It has a magic of its own. The large hipster style glasses makes the face look more interesting and also makes you stand out. If you want to play cool without exaggerating much then you can go for oversized thick clear frames. That looks really bold and unique. You can blend the glasses with any urban attire.

The big round glasses are also vintage-inspired hipster glasses.

If you are wondering where to buy the artsy, carefree hipster glasses, then here’s the link to endless choices.

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