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Along with vision correction, eyewear makers now pay extraordinary attention to FASHION. Transform your everyday essential into an eye-catching accessory. Grab the trendsetting styles for men and women in prescription, progressive and also in non-prescription glasses.

What's in-vogue?

The chunky black frames to the catchy cat eye, frames with a dash of minimalism to the flamboyant embellished frames, round glasses with a subtle vintage flair to the futuristic style square glasses, sleek and sophisticated rimless to bold and nerdy super-sized rimmed frames, Hush there are too many!

All are 100% fashion-approved and assures to make you stand out from the crowd.

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Fashion glasses
What's in-store?

If it's fashionable, then you certainly gotta find it in our online store. Framesbuy is flooded with retros, fashion-forwards, old-schools, hi-fashion eyewear trends. Whatever style you crave for, you'll find it here. Try on with shapes and shades of your choice and express your individuality in the most snazzy way.


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Check-out some of the best fashion glasses from our collection that will make you drool over:

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