Lenses & Tints

Experience the ultimate eye protection with upgraded lens and tint options. Right from contrast-enhancement to glare-blocking, crystal-clear vision correction to blue-block protection, get the best lenses that cater your visual needs and meets lifestyle.

Distance Lenses

Lenses for viewing farther objects clearly - Medically termed as 'Myopia' or nearsightedness, is a vision condition where distant objects appear blur. Correct your blur vision with crystal clear lenses offered by Framesbuy. Distance lenses with anti-glare & anti-scratch coatings can help you during night driving and sports activities.

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Reading Lenses

Lenses to correct near vision - Medically termed as 'hyperopia' or farsightedness is a vision condition where it's difficult to view nearer objects clearly or have trouble while reading. Reading glasses are designed to view up close objects with accuracy. This lens can also be used for work that requires solid precision like welding, tailoring, carpentry etc.

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Lenses to relieve digital eyestrain - Digital devices have become inevitable part of our daily lives. Unfortunately, the light emitted from these devices is damaging the vision. Lenses with blue light filter protect your eyes from the harmful rays and offer flawless digital viewing experience. The special-purpose glasses can be worn while viewing computer, laptop, smartphones and television.

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Bifocal Kryptok

Cosmetically superior lenses - Bifocal is designed combining two lenses of different optical powers, one for clear distance viewing and other for near vision. Kryptok bifocal lenses are light, thinner and comfortable. They are also known as round lens as the bottom part of the lens is a complete circle. Due to its round shape, the up top viewing is restricted which results in enhanced vision clarity. It is recommended for customers with high (-) or high (+) power.

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Bifocal 'D' Frame

Precise transition between reading and distance vision - Flat top bifocal lenses offer cosmetic benefits and improved functionality to the wearer. Flat-top is also known as 'D' style bifocal lens as it appears like half-moon. The D segment is for correcting near vision. This lens style is easily available.

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Clear vision across any distance, near, far or intermediate with smooth transition - In multifocal lenses, there is a gradual alteration in optical power from top half to the bottom. At Framesbuy you can find traditional multifocal lenses as well as in-style progressive lenses. It usually takes 7 to 8 days for your eyes to adapt to multifocal lenses.

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Eyewear that looks eye-catching - Need glasses just to add style to your personality? Go for non-prescription lenses and create your own fashion statement. Even without prescription, it is wise to protect your eyes from harmful computer radiations and UV rays with stylish non-prescription lenses. Non-prescription lenses are also known as 'plano' glasses.

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Enjoy flawless vision with superior scratch-resistance

Scratch-proof coating enhances the performance of your eyeglass. No lens material guarantees 100% scratch-resistance, however hard protective coating makes the lens surface superior, more scratch-resistant and prevent minor scratches.

Expanded life-span

Visual quality of the lens doesn't get affected in the long-run. Since anti-scratch coating form a hard surface on the lens, it reduces every day wear and tear and eliminates minor scratches. This protective layer makes the lens highly durable.

Embraced technology for longevity of lenses

The fully automated dipping technology is used to create hard coating on the lenses which make the glasses exceptionally scratch-proof. The hard coating thickness is managed by computerised technique.

Anti-scratch coating with guarantee

100% scratch-resistant cannot be assured but freedom from minor scratches is assured. The company offer coatings with guarantee period.

Coated lenses are most preferable lenses all over the globe

Since the performance of uncoated lens is less impressive than hard coat lens, most of the customers worldwide prefer coated lenses. Anti-scratch coating is more durable and offers enhanced cosmetic look.

Sharper and clear vision

The premium quality anti-reflective coating (ARC) eliminates the strain on eyes caused due to irritating reflections, sunlight and artificial lights emitted from digital devices. ARC ensures sharper vision by minimizing the effect of the stray lights.

Enhanced facial appearance

Anti-reflective coating enhances your facial expression by making your eyes more visible to others. It decreases the glare which others see in your glasses. You can enjoy direct eye-contact without any hindrance.

Increase in safety

Reduced reflection of lights, reduces the risk of accidents. During night the streetlights, high beam lights of vehicles cause distraction while driving. The modern AR Coating practically eliminates the reflection and provides clear night vision.

Extended lifetime of the lenses guaranteed

The superior scratch resistance quality and protection from dust, glare and water, makes the lens highly durable. The extended lifetime of the lenses make ARC a much favourable choice.

Safeguard against harmful EMI radiation

People who work for long hours on computer can get affected by the harmful electromagnetic radiation. Anti-reflective coating reduces eyestrain and offers elevated comfort while working on computer.

Easily adaptable to environmental changes

The clear tinted lenses turn dark when exposed to UV rays. Photochromic lenses have the ability to change the color as per light conditions. It remains lighter indoors and get darker when comes in contact with sun.

Greater comfort to eyes

There is no need to juggle between clear glasses and sunglasses, get the benefit of two in one. Photochromic lenses offer ultimate eye-protection and improves vision by adjusting as per light intensity.

100% UV protection

Photochromic lenses have the ability to absorb the harmful UV rays thus this type of lenses ensure 100% protection of eyes against the hazardous radiations.

1.56 mid-index lenses and Enmass technology

Photochromic lenses come with latest Enmass technology which ensures the lens perform better in long run while the mid-index lenses make the product much thinner and comfortable.

Buy 2 products at the price of 1

No need to buy separate sunglasses as your clear glasses can perform flawlessly as sunglasses when exposed to sun. Thus this makes photochromic lenses a cost-effective choice.

Thinner than standard lenses

As compared to standard lenses, high index lenses are much thinner which make the glasses look better and comfortable when worn. A high-index lens with 1.70 index can be almost 50% thinner than the traditional plastic lens.

Types of high index lenses

There are three highly preferred types of high index lenses which are comparatively much thinner than plastic lenses:

  • 1.60 high index lenses are approximately 20% thinner than traditional plastic lenses CR 39
  • 1.67 high index lenses are around 35% thinner than traditional plastic lenses CR 39
  • 1.74 high index lenses are around 50% thinner than traditional plastic lenses CR 39
  • Apart from these, 1.50 and 1.56 high index lenses are also recommended

More scratch-proof

Since high index lenses are denser and strong than standard lenses, it more scratch-proof. High index lenses reduce or eliminate the risk of minor scratches. It definitely offers great protection to your eyes and is durable too.

Protects from harmful UV rays

Lenses above 1.56 index has the ability to shield your eyes against the harmful ultra violet radiations. High index lens is almost 50% more anti-reflective than standard lens. It reduces the level of light reflecting on glasses and assures you with sharper vision.

Aspheric design in high index lenses

Aspheric design in high index lenses as compared to their conventional counterpart is designed with minimum curvature which makes the lens thinner in the centre area and bends on the edge. It gives an amazing round vision to the wearer.

Comfortable vision at all distances

Progressive lenses offer crystal clear vision at distance, up close and intermediate. It provides the power of three in one. With progressive lenses, there is no need to move your head up and down to view objects. Slightly move your eyes to clearly view objects across. It doesn't create the discomfort of image jump like bifocal lenses.

No need to feel the trouble of distractive dividing line

Bifocal lens has a dividing line between two different optical powers which is distracting and also affect the facial appearance. However progressive lenses look cosmetically better without any division. It offers clear vision without any distraction.

Compatible with all kind of frames

Progressive lenses are easily compatible with any style and size of frames. It is the most favorable choice of multifocal lenses which can be easily fitted in any type of frame. The compact design suits smaller frames too.

No issue of image jump

The wearer does not face the issue of image jump as the transition between different optical powers is smooth. You can view near, far and at an intermediate distance more comfortably and precisely with progressive lenses.

Lenses with extended warranty period

Get the power of three lenses in one and that too with extended warranties. Progressive lenses offer flawless visual assistance for longer period. Along with improved durability, the premium quality progressive lenses are available in custom designs to meet the needs of assorted customers.