Essential Tips to Follow if Travelling with Contact Lenses

Travelling with Contact Lenses

Let’s be honest, travelling with glasses is something we don’t love or cannot manage. If you are dependent on prescription glasses, certainly you cannot afford to lose or break while travelling as you can’t explore and enjoy the view around. Hence most of the travellers prefer travelling wearing contact lenses. Though with contacts there is no risk of losing or breaking, care is something which you need to do predominantly.

Contacts can be a hassle too if they are not properly taken care of. It can cause discomfort and also eye infection. So if you have decided to use contact lenses while travelling, make sure you follow these essential tips:

Check With Your Contacts Prescription

Before you leave for your vacay, ensure the contact lenses which you are going to wear are of right prescription. Get your eyes tested and see if the contact prescription is up to date. If you are heading to another country or are going on a long trip then it becomes really crucial to update the contact lens prescription.

It is also wise to carry your contacts prescription along with you because in case you need to change your contact lenses, your prescription should be handy.

Carry Your Eyewear Care Kit With You

Wherever you go, you are always advised to carry your eyewear care with you. Whether it is lens cleaning kit or extra pair of contacts, you need to keep all your eye care things along with you. Eye care specialists also suggest that it is better to carry leak-proof contact lens cases.

Follow Contact Lens Hygiene

No matter you are travelling, working or simply at home, contact lenses have to be kept clean. Before applying or even touching contact lenses, make sure you wash your hands clean with soap and water. You need to also make sure your hands are dry before touching your contacts.

Aslo when you remove your lenses and keep in case, the case should be clean enough to avoid any kind of eye infection. Clean the contact lenses case with a storage solution that is readily available at any optical or medical store. As much as possible avoid wearing contact lenses at night.

Opt for Disposable Contact Lenses

If you are not sure about the hygiene conditions of the place which you visit, better opt for disposable contact lenses. You don’t have to clean every night and store safe, just throw away and start a new day with new lenses all fresh. There is no hassle of cleaning and storing lenses while travelling. After a long tiring travel day, you can simply dispose off the contacts and go to bed without worries.

Carry a Pair of Prescription Glasses

You cannot be totally dependent on contact lenses alone. It is always wise to carry a pair of glasses, in case of an emergency. By chance, if you forget to wear lenses while leaving the room or if you are going in the sun, it is advisable to carry a pair of glasses in your bag, so that you can wear when needed and enjoy clear vision on the go.

Even if you are experiencing watery eyes, dry eyes, red eyes or any discomfort due to contact lenses, you can easily switch to prescription glasses and continue viewing all the scenic locations.

Never take your vision conditions and its needs lightly, especially when you are travelling, away from your comfort zone. Prefer good quality branded lenses as they will be easily available even in other countries where you are travelling.

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