Effective Ways to Know if your Glasses have Anti-blue Light


Blue light glasses are gaining a lot of popularity these days as people are discovering more and more merits of it. The increasing awareness of retinal damage and digital eye strain caused due to prolonged exposure to blue light emitted from devices like smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, have increased the demand for blue light blockers.

So after all that buzz about blue light blockers, you must have thought of buying blue light glasses but how will you know if your glasses have anti-blue light?

It is unfortunate that many retailers claim to reduce blue light completely and fraudulently sell ineffective glasses. Poor buyers take their word for it. Okay, now blocking all of the blue light will hamper the screen viewing experience and make it uncomfortable. In fact, if the blue light gets completely blocked, the screen will appear red.

So when it comes to testing genuineness of blue light, it can be a real task but can be done quite conveniently.

Here is how you can test your blue light filters:

Request for Transmitter Spectrum

This is something which you need to do right before you buy blue light glasses. You can request for the transmitter segment from the retailer. It is a graph that indicates the percentage of light passing through the blue light blocker as per the wavelength.

The most effective blue light filter can block around 520 nm of blue light while some can block light below 400 to 480 nm. However, the more the glasses block blue light the more colours will distort.

Use Blue Laser

This is another convenient way to check if your glasses block blue light. You can ask any optician for a blue laser.

  • Switch on the blue laser and point it on the thick white paper, the blue light will be 100% visible.
  • Now keep the glasses in between the laser and white and let the laser light pass through the glasses onto the paper.
  • If the visibility reduces, then your glasses are genuine.
  • You can also use a normal glass and your blue light filter glass and follow the same experiment above to check and compare.

Test Using Blue Light Filter Software

Another easy way to check the authenticity of your blue light glasses is by testing the glasses using some good blue light filter software. You don’t need any expensive spectrometer test, there are some handy software easily available that can test online your blue light glasses as well as the blue light screen filters.

Put on Your Blue Light Glasses

This is the simplest way to check if the blue light is effective or not. Simply wear your blue light glasses and see them on screen. If the whitish screen appears yellowish then the blue light glasses are kind of working properly. However, this is not a sure-shot way to check the genuineness of blue light glasses.

Most of the blue light glasses are anti-glare and anti-reflective so that it can reduce the strain caused due to the light rich environment. If you want to protect your eyes from the digital devices’ harmful rays and emission, reduce strain and sleep better then opt for high-quality blue light glasses.

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