Hipster Glasses

Geek turned chic urban trend

Hipster Glasses

Your quest for uniqueness ends here! Blend-in the way too cool hipster glasses and highlight your personality. It's an urban style with a retro appeal having endless choices.

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Dare to be rare

Dare to be rare

Hipster glasses are bold enough to get noticed, so be prepared to stand out in the crowd. The glasses are unlike the usual ones. Dare to embrace the unique vibe and create your fresh new identity. You just need to find the right frames to ace with the hipster look.

How to identify hipster glasses?

  • If it has a retro feel
  • If it has a keyhole nose bridge
  • If the frame is thick and oversized
  • If the frame is black or in vibrant tints

... then the glasses are hipster style

What defines hipster glasses?

Assorted and eye-catching styles, shapes and sizes.
Hipster glasses encompasses a mixed bag which includes:
Dare to be rare

You don't have to be intellectual or visually-impaired to get hipster glasses!

Whether you have 20/20 vision or not, Framesbuy offers hipster glasses with both prescription and non prescription lenses.

So if you are wearing glasses just to look cool, make it count.